Chinese social media has been lit abuzz by what appears to be images of Xiaomi’s upcoming EV and their first electric car. EV, mainly electric cars have seen an exponential increase in interest from the Chinese public, with more new buyers leaning towards EVs and ditching traditional ICE cars. Because of this, several players have come up in the market in the last year alone.

So competitive is the EV market in China, that Tesla, probably the global leaders when it comes to EVs, is facing great difficulties in competing with local EV manufacturers and brands, despite offering discounts of as much as 24 per cent.

Xiaomi is nearing the end of the vehicle’s construction, and the vehicle has been sighted multiple times in China – during winter testing and even wandering city streets in China – but always in camouflage or wraps. However, one Weibo user received major props for discovering what looks to be the automobile in its entirety.

According to photographs on social media, the first electric Xiaomi has an uninteresting name – MS11. MS11, during its developmental stages, was codenamed Modena, a name that for some reason, did not resonate with the Chinese public.

What we have here is a fairly attractive sedan; it is not a 5-door hatchback, but rather a sporty-looking 4-door electric vehicle. As with everything these days obtained on the Internet, we must use caution before stating this will be the final. It seems that a ton of inspiration has been taken from the BYD Seal, a very popular EV in China. The two automobiles might easily be mistaken for one another from a distance. However, the headlights resemble those found on the McLaren 720S.

The car, much like Tesla Model 3 and Model Y has full-length glass roof and large wheels. Other than that, it also has a set of  Wilwood brakes. Given that we see a LiDAR sensor at the front of the car, it is expected to come with some level of autonomous driving capabilities.

Xiaomi anticipates capitalising on its established brand value. Given how successful the smartphone maker has grown in other categories in China, it is it is evident that many people will go for the MS11 expecting to find the same values that Xiaomi and its products have in China – ease of use, clever functions and pleasing design.

We haven’t seen the interior yet, but another leak is expected in the coming days. If this is the actual deal, as it most likely is, the MS11 will be a terrific start for Xiaomi.

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