There has been a lot of news regarding layoffs and employees being fired across various sectors. A lot of people have shared their experiences of being laid off from a job they loved and how they were suddenly asked to quit. Amid such gloomy posts, a woman shared how she got a job offer only three days after being fired and it has delighted netizens.

A Twitter user with the username @2020LawGrad shared that she was fired on Tuesday and received a job offer that pays 50 per cent more in only three days. She also shared some more perks about her new job with a work from home option and more paid time off.

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In another tweet she wrote, “This is a reminder to always back yourself. Never let the opinions of others make you question who you are or should be. (I’m saying this after letting myself wallow in self pity for several days).”

Posted Tuesday, the woman’s tweet has received more than 1.42 lakh likes.

“Wow!! did you apply to the better job before being let go on tuesday? or a super fast interview between tues to fri? congrats!” a user asked. “Just super fast process! My resume was submitted the day I was fired. And I did three rounds of interviews in three days,” the woman replied to the comment. “This tweet showing up on my timeline might be the only thing the owner of this website has done right because this absolutely rules! I am delighted for you!!” said another. “Sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can come together. Congratulations,” wrote a third.

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