The American market demands the SUV full size that can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers.

And it is precisely this type of offering that the Toyota Grand Highlander is aimed at. This is the lengthened version of the already large Highlander (also sold in Europe), which debuted at the Chicago Auto Show.

The overall length of Toyota Grand Highlander comes in at 5.11 meters, an increase of 14 centimeters, while the width increases by 6 centimeters.

Three powertrain. The 265-hp 2.4 turbo-petrol with eight-speed automatic transmission (two- or four-wheel drive), 243-hp 2.5 full hybrid with Cvt transmission (two- or four-wheel drive), and the new 362-hp, 542 Nm 2.4 Hybrid Max with six-speed automatic transmission.

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