Nature is filled with beings who can make anyone awe-struck. Be it a colourful bird or an odd-looking insect, there are several videos on the internet that can intrigue one. But, right now, you need to see this video of an anteater that has left Twitter highly puzzled.

Shared by Figen, the video shows an anteater trying to find some food on the bark of a tree. However, at one glance it seems that the animal has two heads instead of one. It almost looks like the animal has some kind of special genetic mutation that has made an extra head grow.

“I’m so confused!” read the caption.

Take a look:

If you were surprised by the video, don’t worry because you’re not alone. There were tons of other netizens who were shocked by the animal. Interestingly, an anteater’s front paw looks like a head for defense purposes. Isn’t that cool?

“Wow, that’s totally unique,” wrote a Twitter user. “I can’t believe my eyes yet,” commented another. “This is totally cool, never saw anything like this,”  said a third.

What do you think of this video?

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