In a strange turn of events, a 15-year-old boy from Bangladesh ended up 2,000 miles in Malaysia after he accidentally fell asleep while playing hide and seek. As reported by the Daily Mail, the boy was playing with his friends when he chose to hide inside a shipping container. However, due to being exhausted, he fell asleep only to wake up six days later in a different country. While he was locked inside the container on 11 January, he was later found by the Malaysian port staff and local police on 17 January in a completely ‘exhausted and dehydrated’ state.

A video of the entire episode has gone viral on social media where authorities can be seen rescuing the boy identified as Fahim from the container. As the video plays, authorities can be seen standing around the container after hearing sudden knocking sounds from inside. As soon as the door opens, the boy comes out in a confused state. The video shows the boy being taken to the hospital.


As soon as the video went viral, people took to the comment section and shared their reactions. Users were surprised over how the boy managed to survive so long without food or water. Some also shared concerns over what would have happened if the voyage was longer.

What exactly happened?

As per media reports, the boy is from Bangladesh’s Chittagong and got himself into the situation during a game of hide and seek with his friends. After he was accidentally locked in the container, it sailed, tagging him along across the Indian Ocean for nearly 2,000 miles.

After the ship reached the West Port, a worker heard the boy’s cries and informed the authorities. It was then that the Marine Police Force, local immigration department and health department came to the spot and found the boy. While the police earlier suspected the case to be of ‘child trafficking’, later they came to know the actual confusion.

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