When the Miami Open officially begins next week, Novak Djokovic will not be part of the field. 

It’s now official that Djokovic can’t compete in the Miami Open due to his vaccination status. 

James Blake, the director of the Miami Open, said he tried to get an exemption for Djokovic to enter the United States without being vaccinated against COVID-19. His best efforts were unsuccessful. 

“We tried to get Novak Djokovic to be allowed to get an exemption, but that wasn’t able to happen,” Blake told Tennis Channel, via ESPN. “Obviously, we’re one of the premier tournaments in the world. We’d like to have the best players that can play. We did all that we could. We tried to talk to the government, but that’s out of our hands.”

Tennis fans are somewhat split on this decision. Some want to see Djokovic in action, while others understand why the United States has strict rules regarding the vaccine.

“This is wrong,” one fan said. “He should play regardless.”

“This is absolute lunacy,” another fan wrote.

“He needs to follow the rules like everyone else,” a third fan commented. “Choices should have consequences regardless of who you are. Way too much entitlement and handouts in this country.”

Djokovic is expected to compete in the Monte Carlo Masters in early April. That’ll mark his return to the court.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion will be eligible to compete in the French Open this May.

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