The Russian authorities have put a 19-year-old female student under house arrest for trial allegedly for posting anti-war comments and criticising President Vladimir Putin. 

The girl named Olesya Krivtsova from Arkhangelsk has been designated a terrorist by the authorities for protesting the war on Instagram and could face imprisonment for at least ten years upon trial completion.

Krivtsova was detained for the first time in December last year after one of her classmates tipped off the cops with the screenshot of her post. However, she was acquitted by the district court, which restricted her communication and dismissed the prosecution’s demand to ban her movements.

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The authorities detained Krivtsova for the second time, and the reason behind the action was seen with suspicion. 

According to her mother, Natalya Krivtsova, the investigators accused Olesya of buying tickets “toward Russian borders” and hence violating the imposed restrictions, even though her passport was damaged a few weeks earlier, making it invalid for travel under Russian regulations. Krivtsova’s family believes she was set up by law enforcement agents unhappy with the court’s initially lenient decision, the Washington Post.

Natalya told CNN that the government was trying to warn the public, with her daughter being, in effect, “publicly flogged” for not keeping her views to herself.

Krivtosva will be treated on par with terrorists and extremists belonging to ISIS, al Qaeda and the Taliban. She had posted her views on the explosion on the Crimean bridge in October and also criticised Russia for invading Ukraine in February last year.

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