Ram Navami 2023: Ram Navami is considered to be one of the biggest and auspicious festivals of Hindus. Lord Rama took birth on this auspicious day on the holy land of Ayodhya in Treta Yuga. This day is celebrated by crores of devotees across the world. This day is also known as Shri Ram Janmotsav. As per Drik Panchang Ram Janmotsav will be observed on Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. As per the Gregorian calendar, the holy festival of Ram Navami is going to be celebrated on March 30, 2023.

Ram Navami 2023: Date and Time

Navami Tithi Begins March 29, 2023 – 09:09 PM
Navami Tithi Ends March 30, 2023 – 11:32 PM
Shubh Muhurat
  • 06:14 AM to 07:47 AM
  • 10:53 AM to 03:31 PM

Ram Navami 2023 City-Wise Puja Muhurat

Delhi 11:11 AM to 01:40 PM
Mumbai 11:20 AM to 01:57 PM
Bengaluru 11:11 AM to 01:38 PM
Ahmedabad 11:30 AM to 01:58 PM
Pune 11:26 AM to 01:53 PM
Chennai 11:00 AM to 01:27 PM
Kolkata 10:27 AM to 12:55 PM
Hyderabad 11:07 AM to 01:34 PM
Ahmedabad 11:30 AM to 01:58 PM
Chandigarh 11:13 AM to 01:42 PM

Ram Navami 2023: Significance

Ram Navami holds a great significance among Hindus as Shri Ram chandra took birth as a human on this auspicious day and Lord Shri Ram is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama was born to Ayodhya King Dashratha and his queen Kaushalya and he was the eldest son of the king. Lord Rama is believed to be an ideal human being and a symbol of truth, righteousness, bravery and courage. This festival is celebrated across the world by all Shri Ram Bhakts (devotees).

Ram Navami 2023: Story

According to the Hindu scriptures, Kind Dasharatha had three wives but he had no child so the King Dashratha performed Ashwamegha Yagya for putra Prapti (for sons) on the advice of Maha Rishi Vashishth after the Yajna, queens were given a bowl of kheer which was blessed by the Lord of Yajnas himself. They consumed the blessed kheer and soon they become mother of 4 sons. Sumitra gave birth to Lord Shatrughan and Lord Lakshaman, Kaikeyi gave birth to Lord Bharat and Kaushalya gave birth to Lord Ram on the ninth day of Chaitra month. Since then, the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Ram is celebrated all over the world by Hindu devotees with great grandeur.

Ram Navami 2023: How it is celebrated?

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Some devotees organize Bhajans, kirtan and some devotees organize the path of the holy book Ramcharitmanas. Many people visit Ayodhya Ram Mandir which is the birth place of Lord Ram and a sacred Ram temple located in the city of Ayodhya, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. First they take a holy dip in Saryu river then visit the Rama temple to participate in birthday celebrations as the birth anniversary is celebrated with great pomp and show in Ayodhya which is the Janmbhoomi of Lord Shri Rama.

Ram Navami 2023: Puja Vidhi

1. Devotees wake up early in the morning and take a holy bathe.

2. They take wooden plank where they place an idol of Lord Shri Ram.

3. Light a diya with desi ghee and offer garland and put tilak, offer sweets.

4. As this is the when Kanya Puja is also done so the devotees offer prayers to Goddess Durga also.

5. Women prepare satvik food and first they offer the bhog prasad to the Goddess.

6. Invite small girls and offer them food and dakshika and other gifts as per devotees choice.

7. Some people even distribute food and dakshina to needy and poor girls.

8. After completing Kanya Pujan, some people even start reciting Ramayana (the holy book) chaupayee.

9. Some devotees organise hawan or yajna and offer 56 bhog to Lord Shri Rama.

10. Devotees visit Ram temple and offer prayers.

Ram Navami 2023: Ramcharitmanas Chaupayee

भए प्रगट कृपाला दीनदयाला कौसल्या हितकारी। हरषित महतारी मुनि मन हारी अद्भुत रूप बिचारी॥

लोचन अभिरामा तनु घनस्यामा निज आयुध भुजचारी। भूषन बनमाला नयन बिसाला सोभासिंधु खरारी॥1॥

कह दुइ कर जोरी अस्तुति तोरी केहि बिधि करौं अनंता। माया गुन ग्यानातीत अमाना बेद पुरान भनंता॥

करुना सुख सागर सब गुन आगर जेहि गावहिं श्रुति संता। सो मम हित लागी जन अनुरागी भयउ प्रगट श्रीकंता॥2॥

ब्रह्मांड निकाया निर्मित माया रोम रोम प्रति बेद कहै। मम उर सो बासी यह उपहासी सुनत धीर मति थिर न रहै॥

उपजा जब ग्याना प्रभु मुसुकाना चरित बहुत बिधि कीन्ह चहै। कहि कथा सुहाई मातु बुझाई जेहि प्रकार सुत प्रेम लहै॥3॥

माता पुनि बोली सो मति डोली तजहु तात यह रूपा। कीजै सिसुलीला अति प्रियसीला यह सुख परम अनूपा॥

सुनि बचन सुजाना रोदन ठाना होइ बालक सुरभूपा। यह चरित जे गावहिं, हरिपद पावहिं, ते न परहिं भवकूपा /4/


बिप्र धेनु सुर संत हित, लीन्ह मनुज अवतार ।

निज इच्छा निर्मित तनु, माया गुन गो पार ॥

Ram Navami 2023: FAQs

  1. When was lord Rama born?

    Lord Rama was born in Treta Yuga on Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra Month.

  2. When is Ram Navami celebrated in 2023?

    In the year 2023, Ram Navami is going to be celebrated on March 30.

  3. Why is Ram Navami celebrated in Chaitra month?

    Ram Navami is celebrated in Chaitra month as Lord Ram was born in this month

  4. What is the birth place of Lord Ram?

    Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya which is situated in Uttar Pradesh.

  5. Who was the father and mother of Lord Ram?

    Lord Ram was born to King Dashrath and Queen Kaushalya.

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