In a conversation with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his appreciation for Saudi Arabia’s “excellent support” provided during the evacuation of Indian nationals from Sudan in April. He also sent his best wishes for the upcoming Haj pilgrimage. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) reported that the leaders spoke on the phone on a range of bilateral cooperation topics and shared their perspectives on several global and multilateral issues of relevance. As stated in the release, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman offered his complete support for India’s activities during its current G20 Presidency and expressed excitement for his visit to India. Both leaders concurred on the need for ongoing dialogue.

Operation Kaveri In Jeddah

In order to enable the safe evacuation of Indian nationals from the conflict-torn region of Sudan, India constructed a transit center in Jeddah in April. India brought the Sudanese refugees to Jeddah as part of the “Operation Kaveri” expedition, from which they flew back to their country of origin. PM Modi specifically praised Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman for his country’s outstanding support in April 2023 during the evacuation of Indian nationals from Sudan via Jeddah. In addition, Prime Minister Modi sent greetings for the upcoming Haj journey.

Multiple Rescue Operations

In order to repatriate trapped individuals from other nations, India has launched multiple similar rescue missions. One such effort, known as ‘Operation Ganga’, was started by the Modi administration last year in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to evacuate a sizable number of Indian students there. India also conducted “Operation Devi Shakti” during the Taliban’s assault on Afghanistan to facilitate the secure emigration of its residents from the country. Similar to this, India launched “Operation Vande Bharat” to return millions of its nationals from all over the world at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, when other nations were instituting broad shutdowns. 

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