Two separate transport accidents in western Pakistan claimed 51 lives on Sunday. Officials noted that 41 people lost their lives after their bus crashed into a ravine in southwestern Balochistan province. In another incident, at least 10 students died in a boating accident in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, officials noted.

At the site of the bus crash, north of the city of Bela in Lasbela district, senior official Hamza Anjum noted that ‘the dead bodies… are beyond recognition,’ as per AFP.

He added that 40 dead bodies were recovered from the wreck along with three injured, one of whom succumbed to injuries shortly after. The remaining two survivors were reported to be in ‘serious’ condition.

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Head of the local rescue service Asghar Ramazan told AFP that the bus had been loaded with containers of oil.

“When the bus fell down, it immediately caught fire. The oil caused the fire to flare up so much that it was difficult to control”, he said.

A total of 48 passengers were onboard the bus when it hit a pillar on the bridge and veered off course. The bus had been travelling overnight between Balochistan’s provincial capital of Quetta and the southern port city of Karachi.

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“It is feared that the driver may have fallen asleep. We will investigate the causes of the accident,” Anjum said, adding that DNA tests would be needed to determine the identity of the ‘badly mutilated’ remains.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, local police official Mir Rauf noted that all 17 people rescued from the boating accident on Tanda Dam lake were aged between seven and 14, as per AFP.

‘The class of madrassa students went out for a picnic and boating at the scenic location. According to the information so far, the boat was in a dilapidated condition and it was overloaded too,’ district police chief Adbul Rauf told AFP.

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