Darbhanga (Bihar): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushil Modi on Sunday, said that there will be “no coalition” with Nitish Kumar in the future as he has become a “liability” now. Talking to reporters here on Sunday, the former Bihar Deputy CM said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, Home Minister Amit Shah, and all senior leaders have made it very clear that there will be no coalition with Nitish Kumar or JDU in the future.”

“The person not just betrayed BJP, he also betrayed the mandate of the people and PM Modi,” he added. Sushil Modi said that Nitish Kumar has become a “liability” and his vote-catching ability has ended.

“Coalition happens with those who have power, but Nitish Kumar has become a liability now. His ability to transfer votes has ended. He was able to win 44 seats in the last Assembly elections, just because PM Modi campaigned for him, or else he would not have even won 15 seats,” he said.

The BJP leader further said that BJP is happy that it will now be able to contest elections on its own abilities.

“Nitish Kumar is powerless now. Whether in BJP or in RJD, he will no longer be able to catch votes. We are happy that he has left the coalition, and now we can contest the upcoming Assembly elections in 2025 on our own and come to power,” he added.

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