New Delhi: Mohamed Bin Saeed is a man on a mission to share his love for traditional Arabian hobbies such as horse riding and falconry with the world. 

One of the key messages that Mohamed promotes is the importance of keeping promises. In fact, he is affectionately known as”Raay waad,” which translates to “keep promises.” This nickname holds a special significance for Mohamed, as it represents his commitment to honoring his word and following through on his commitments.

Apart from his love for traditional hobbies, Mohamed is also a successful competitor in the world of Arabian horse riding. He has competed in the Alshiraa International Arabian Horses Championships and achieved a commendable 4th place. This achievement is a testament to his dedication and hard work in the field.

Mohamed’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he has been interviewed by various channels and TV networks. His message of promoting traditional Arabian hobbies and fostering global peace has resonated with many, earning him recognition from influential figures in the region. One such figure is Shaikh Ammar Alnuaimi, who has praised Mohamed’s efforts and accomplishments in the field of horse riding.

In addition to his passion for traditional hobbies, Mohamed is also a lover of poetry. He has written and shared several poems on his Instagram page, showcasing his talent as a wordsmith. His appreciation for the art form is evident, as he often shares quotes and verses from famous poets.

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