Reliance is rapidly diversifying its offerings in both hardware and software domains. The latest addition to its portfolio is the JioTag, a Bluetooth device that enables users to attach and locate items. Here are the key features and details of this device.

What is the JioTag and what are its features?

The JioTag is a small but powerful Bluetooth device that helps users find their items easily. Whether it’s a bag, a wallet, or a keychain, users can attach the JioTag to anything and track its location quickly. The tag is lightweight (9.5 grams), white, and squircle-shaped. It has a claimed battery life of one year and a range of 20 metres indoors and 50 metres outdoors.

A double-tap feature is also present, ringing the user’s phone when triggered, even if it’s set to silent mode. The JioTag also notifies users if they leave behind tagged items, such as wallets, keys, or other belongings.

Additionally, Jio has mentioned a Community Find Network feature, which helps users track the last-known location of a disconnected item or tag. Since details on how it works are slim, the feature presumably leverages other people on the network who are in proximity to the tag attached to the misplaced device.

Inside the JioTag retail box, you will find a lanyard string and an extra battery. The lanyard string lets you attach the JioTag to your belongings with ease, while the extra battery gives you the convenience of replacing the JioTag’s battery when needed.

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Who is JioTag for?

JioTag is for anyone who wants to tag and locate their personal items with ease. It is for people who are forgetful, travellers, and those who want to secure their valuables. The tag can even be attached to pets to help keep track of their whereabouts.

JioTag vs Apple AirTag

JioTag and AirTag are both powered by Bluetooth but they differ in several aspects, such as price, range, and compatibility.

JioTag is more affordable than AirTag, with a price of Rs 749 compared to Rs 3,190 for one piece. JioTag works within 50 meters outdoors, while AirTag relies on Apple’s Find My network to extend its range. JioTag’s water resistance is unknown, but AirTag has an IP67 rating.

But perhaps the biggest difference is compatibility. Where the JioTag works with both Android and iOS devices, AirTag is only compatible with iOS devices.

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