Ahead of the next year’s general elections, nine states will go to the polls this year which will be a crucial test for BJP and Congress. While a win for BJP will show the saffron party consolidating ground ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, a victory for Congress will be largely credited to Rahul Gandhi’s effort and Bharat Jodo Yatra. It will also put Congress in a strong position against the ruling BJP. 

More than one year ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, India Today and C-Voter conducted a survey to know the mood of the nation. The survey showed that the NDA government’s approval rating has gone up with 67 percent of people saying they are satisfied with the work of the Modi government. The approval rating was 56 percent in August last year. 

About Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, 37 percent of people think that the yatra created a buzz but it can’t win polls for Congress while 29 percent think that it was a great mass connect movement. Around 13 percent of people thought that it was an attempt to re-brand Rahul Gandhi while 9 percent felt that it won’t make any difference.

The survey also said that around 52 percent of people think PM Narendra Modi is best suited to continue as prime minister while 14 percent think that Rahul Gandhi can lead the nation. On the question of the successor of PM Modi, 26 percent of the respondents favoured Amit Shah while 25 percent went for Yogi Adityanath while 16 percent opted for Nitin Gadkari. 

Responding to the question of the best prime minister of India so far, 47 percent voted for Modi while 16 percent for Vajpayee and 12 percent for Indira Gandhi. 

According to the survey, if elections are held today, there is a possibility of the return of the BJP-led NDA government in the country. In the survey, NDA is expected to win 298 seats out of 543 Lok Sabha seats. While the Congress-led UPA is seen improving its performance and may win 153 seats. Other including regional parties and independent candidates may win around 92 seats. While the NDA’s vote share stands at 43 percent, the Congress-led UPA is likely to get 29 percent and others 28 percent of the votes.

According to the survey, BJP alone is likely to get 284 seats- a comfortable majority while Congress may get 68 and others 191 seats in the Lok Sabha elections if held today. Talking about party-wise vote percentage, BJP is getting 39 percent votes in while Congress is likely to get 22 percent and others 39 percent votes as per the survey.

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