India’s main opposition Congress party leader and MP Rahul Gandhi has reached the end of 4,000km long ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ or unity march. 

The march, which started in the southern state of Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari, continued for five-months. Across the nation, the march attracted large crowds and various celebrities were also seen joining the walk.  

However, the analysts say that they are not sure if the march will translate into votes. Gandhi stated that the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ was aimed at bringing Indians together against fear and hatred that is being spread in the society. 

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Political analysts stated that the march was aimed at reviving the beleaguered Congress party’s flagging spirits which has been facing continuous defeats since 2014, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in India. 

The march ended on Monday afternoon with a rally in a stadium in Srinagar. Gandhi along with other Congress leaders attended the rally. Some leaders of opposition parties were also present in a show of unity. 

Speaking at the rally, Gandhi said that the local administration had warned him against walking on the roads as there were fears of a grenade being hurled at him. 

The Congress leader stated that he insisted to travel on foot “my family and (Mahatma) Gandhi taught me to live fearlessly, otherwise, that is not living”.

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Gandhi appreciated the “wholehearted love” he received from the state where he spent the march’s last leg. Speaking at a press conference in Srinagar, the Congress MP on Sunday said that he had received a “great response” from the whole country.

“The yatra’s purpose is also that people of this country get to hear the true voice of the country. We saw the resilience and strength of the people of India during this journey. We also got to hear about the issues being faced by farmers and unemployed youth in the country,” he stated.   

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