Tim Cook said that Asmi Jain’s incredible work exemplifies the creativity and ingenuity on display all across India. (Express Image)

Among the scores of students who won the Swift Student Challenge as part of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Indore’s Asmi Jain seems to have caught the attention of CEO Tim Cook who thinks her work is “poised to make a profound impact on the world”.

The 20-year-old Medi-Caps University student has developed an app to track a user’s eye movements as they try to follow a ball moving around the screen and thus help strengthen their eye muscles. The EyeTrack app was among the  375 winners from Apple’s app development challenge for students this year.

“At Apple, our mission is to help people everywhere pursue their passions and bring their best ideas to life. I had an amazing time meeting so many people from India’s innovative iOS developer community earlier this year, and Asmi’s incredible work exemplifies the creativity and ingenuity on display all across this country. She’s already poised to make a profound impact on the world by helping people with their health, and we’re excited to see what she does next,” Cook said after a virtual meeting with Jain.

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Jain is a first-time winner of the challenge, who started on the project after she found out that her friend’s uncle had to undergo brain surgery which left him with an eye misalignment and facial paralysis. This is what triggered the idea for her app and Jain hopes it can be used by people with a variety of eye conditions and injuries.

“It was important for me to create an app playground that could positively impact the lives of people like him. My next goal is to get feedback and make sure it’s effective and user-friendly, and then release it on the App Store,” says Jain. “Ultimately, I want to expand it so that it helps strengthen all of the muscles in the face, and I hope it can one day serve as a therapy tool that people like my friend’s uncle can use at their own pace.”

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Jain says coding lets her create things that help her friends and my community. “And it gives me a sense of independence that is very empowering.”

This year’s challenge saw projects from more than 30 countries and regions, and covered topics as varied as healthcare, sports, entertainment, and the environment.

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