Success Story: Engineers Mohit Ahluwalia and Jagjyot Kaur were seeking the ideal holiday to Bali in the winter of 2017. The pair not only created sweet memories there, but they also returned with fresh goals. The pair made the decision to support artisanal livelihoods and promote block printing after coming home. They co-founded Raamae in 2019 after quitting their more than ten-year corporate careers. Currently, they provide 60 different product categories for sale in India and overseas, including quilts, pouches, purses, and pillow covers.

What They Observed In Bali?

They observed how Indian-made fabrics with block printing had more worth while perusing markets in Bali, not just in terms of money but also in terms of earning the respect of customers. They did not connect block printing with this particular specialization. Despite the fact that there was a high demand for them in Bali, India did not place much emphasis on the same products. The transparency with which the merchants were selling the products to customers was the main distinction they discovered between the goods offered in the international markets. They described the steps, the methods, the work that went into producing the goods, and how the purchase would affect so many people. This also increases the income of craftspeople. Despite being so near to Jaipur, which is recognized for its block printing, the pair was unaware of those facts.

Returned Back To India

In terms of leading a chaotic lifestyle, they noticed similarities between Bali and India during their travels. Following their trip, they returned to their usual employment, but their desire to learn more about starting a block printing business remained. They got to work, learning about various products and investigating textile businesses and markets. They organized a trip to Jaipur for a two-day workshop in 2018 to learn how block printing functions and interact with artists. The pair participated in an exhibition held in Delhi three months later and displayed a few quilts and cushion covers there. The couple found that the product’s color selections worked well for them. On the hues and prints, they solely collaborated with artisans. The colors that craftsmen typically use are a combination of red, yellow, and green. But with the conventional prints, we observed a trend for muted, limited color. To complement their interior design, people preferred choosing traditional yet modern things. In order to appeal to contemporary shoppers, they kept the design current.

Launch Of ‘Raamae’

They also note that consumers were turned off by the use of inexpensive synthetic colors because they are bad for both human and environmental health. They uses non-toxic azo-free colors like rusted iron, indigo, and natural hues like turmeric to prevent that. Later in 2019, they made the decision to resign from their positions to launch ‘Raamae’. The product line was expanded from quilts and cushion covers to bedsheets, pillowcases, baby clothing, accessories, pouches, purses, and tote bags, some of which were created by upcycling scrap fabric.

The business that began with a 4 lakh rupee investment now generates up to 18 lakh rupees in monthly revenue. They receive the majority of their orders from Indian cities, including Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Goa, Kerala, Imphal, Assam, and Mizoram. United Arab Emirates (UAE) and American customers are also catered to by them. For its wide variety of products, Raamae receives up to 400 orders each month today. The choice to go on a new course for Mohit and his wife Jagjyot, involved several risks, including launching and growing the firm.

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