A Google employee provided insight into the search giant’s current morale, ten days after the company laid off 12,000 employees. The conversation happened on Blind, an app for professional communities which verifies users via official email IDs. The employee reported that morale is “fine” overall, but has taken a hit in the cloud division. The employee further advised against joining the cloud division due to low morale.

The conversation occurred after a recent round of layoffs at Google, which significantly impacted some employees and their families. The question was put up by an Amazon employee working on a visa. He expressed concern about the possibility of being impacted by future layoffs at the e-commerce giant. In response, the Google employee suggested that the current climate may not be the best time to join the company, particularly in the cloud division.

The remarks from both employees highlight the ongoing uncertainty and concern among workers at Google, and Amazon. Amazon also decided to lay off around 18,000 employees.

It is important to note that this conversation only represents one individual’s perspective, and the overall morale and outlook at Google may differ from person to person. Nevertheless, we get a glimpse into the experiences of some employees during this time of change at two of the world’s biggest tech companies.

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Layoffs in Tech Sector

Most US-based tech companies have witnessed a significant reduction in the workforce. Companies like Meta, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Twitter have trimmed down their staff, owing to reducing profit margins across the board. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in an internal meeting, announced that he took the step after a discussion with the board and it was done because the situation could worsen in the future.

Numerous employees working on temporary work visas have raised concerns about their status in the US. The employees on H1B visas get a grace period of 60 days after their employment is terminated. They would require another employer to sponsor their H1B visa. 

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