Last Friday, a Google Employee was part of the thousands who got laid off from the company. Dan Lanigan Ryan took to LinkedIn to share that he was fired from the tech giant while he was recruiting a future employee.

Google Employee Finds Out He Has Been Laid Off While Interviewing Candidate

Like many others who have come forward with their stories of how they were abruptly cut off from the company without prior notice, Dan too had a horrible experience. The ex-Google employee shared that he was in the middle of interviewing a potential employee for the company when his system got shut off and he was cut off from all his access to the company property. 

The call got disconnected while he was interviewing the candidate. Dan wrote in his post, “Unfortunately, I was laid off from Google along with many thousands of others last Friday. I did not expect it to come to such an abrupt end, blocked out of the system in the middle of a call.”

He went on to add, “Just over a year ago, I landed a dream job with a dream company. I was walking the dog when my recruiter called to tell me I got the role and I nearly choked the poor pooch I was celebrating so much.”

The Employee Revealed That At First His Access To Internal Website Was Blocked, Then His Email Was Inaccessible

In a conversation with Business Insider, Dan said that he tried to access an internal company website during his call last Friday when he was locked out of his system. He also revealed that soon after, even his email was blocked: “I was blocked out of everything. And then I saw on the news about 15, 20 minutes later that Google was announcing 12,000 layoffs.”

Last week, Google announced the shocking news that it was letting go of 12,000 of its employees, given the upcoming recession. Although news of such a turnout was spreading before the company took action, the way it was handled was still a shock to the employees.

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