A former Google employee Ryan Olohan claimed that he was fired after he rejected a woman executive’s alleged advances, said a report in the New York Post. Olohan filed a lawsuit in November and claimed that Tiffany Miller groped him during dinner and told him that she knew that he had an ‘affinity towards Asian women’.

The incident, as per the lawsuit, took place in Chelsea, Manhattan, in December 2019.

The accused happens to be a director of Google’s programmatic media. As per court documents, the accused ‘rubbed Olohan’s abs, complimented his physique, and said that her marriage lacked spice,’ according to court papers.

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The report further stated that the company meeting, which involved alcohol, took place at Fig & Olive soon after Olohan’s promotion as managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants. Miller was part of his new team.

As per the lawsuit, Olohan, a married father of seven, noted that he was initially ‘uncomfortable’ talking about the incident because ‘everyone was drunk’ and his coworkers later described the accused’s behaviour as ‘Tiffany being Tiffany.’

Olohan reported the incident to human resources the following week, but the department failed to take action.

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The HR admitted that ‘if the complaint was ‘in reverse’ – a female accusing a male of harassment – the complaint would certainly be escalated,’ the lawsuit added.

Olohan further noted in the lawsuit that the accused retaliated against him by criticising him and reporting him to human resources for ‘microaggressions’. The complaint, however, did not specify what Miller accused him of.

Google fired Olohan in July 2022 which ended his 16 years of association with the company, the report said. He was told by the Google Employee Investigations team that he was fired because he was not ‘inclusive’.

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A spokesman for Miller denied the accusations against his client in a statement to The Post.

“This lawsuit is a fictional account of events filled with numerous falsehoods, fabricated by a disgruntled ex-employee, who was senior to Ms Miller at Google. Ms Miller never made any ‘advance’ toward Mr Olohan, which witnesses can readily corroborate,” a statement by the spokesman read.

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