The Centre has banned the sale, manufacturing and distribution of 14 cough syrups owing to their risk to human beings. These syrups are based on Codeine, which helps to raise the threshold of pain for the consumer without affecting their consciousness.

Here’s the list of cough syrups banned by the centre:

  • Codistar and Teddykoff LX by Mankind Pharms
  • Ascoril C by Gelmark
  • Tossex, Tixylix, and Phensedyl by Abbott
  • Nicip Plus, Nodard Plus, Nimupain plus and Mucolinc by Cipla
  • Lupissulie-P, Codirex, Lupicoff, and LCF Tuss by Lupin
  • Gersulide Plus by Zydus Life
  • Nimica Plus and Pacimol Plus by Ipca
  • Nimegesic P by Alembic
  • Nimatex PGold and Nimatex by Ajata Pharma
  • Dialex DC by Dr Reddy’s

The Union Health Ministry issued a notification which said that the matter was examined by a committee which then submitted its report to the central government and the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) agreed to the committee’s report.

The notification said, “There is no therapeutic justification for this FDC and the FDC may involve risk to human beings. Hence, in the larger public interest, it is necessary to prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of this FDC under section 26A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. In view of the above, any kind of regulation or restriction to allow for any use in patients is not justifiable. Therefore, only prohibition under Section 26A is recommended.”

Section 26A gives powers to the centre to regulate or restrict, the manufacture etc. of drugs in public interest, by notification in the Official Gazette.

“And whereas, on the basis of the recommendations of the Expert Committee and the Drugs Technical Advisory Board, the Central Government is satisfied that it is necessary and expedient in public interest to regulate by way of prohibition the manufacture for sale, sale and distribution for human use of the said drug in the country,” said the notification by the ministry.

The ban comes after the centre cracked down on pharmaceutical companies and spurious medicines amid controversies related to deaths caused by the alleged consumption of Indian-made cough syrups.

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