The scariest part about natural calamities is one can never prepare themselves fully for what is to come. A group of skiers in Utah, United States, were caught in the midst of an avalanche descending upon them. What they could do at most was wait for it to pass over them. During that moment, one of them also decided to capture the scary moment on camera. The user who shared the clip also tweeted, “A friend just shared this with me. Avalanche at Sundance Resort.”

Social media users were astonished by how intense the avalanche seemed. Many were concerned about the safety to skiers seen in the clip. Others mentioned that while they know they should move away from the natural calamity, they could not understand why the skiers remained rooted in their spot. A Twitter user wrote, “Bonkers they just stood there recording, although I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same up to a certain point. That is so breathtaking to watch.”

“Wow, he’s brave. I see this and think I’d run but then it’s kinda once in a lifetime. Are they all ok?” another user wrote.

“Couldn’t have left the video for another 3 more seconds?! So cool but I hope everyone is ok but wow,” read a tweet.

Previously, a team of hikers in Nepal captured an incredible natural occurrence while trekking along the eastern side of the Everest Mountain range. While filming the snow-capped mountains, they suddenly spotted a huge cloud avalanche making its way toward them. They managed to record the rare event on camera, which showed the rapidly-moving clouds flowing down the mountain slope and creating a captivating spectacle. The scene was made even more beautiful with the appearance of a rainbow on the river below. The mountaineers were not expecting to witness such a breathtaking sight, but they were able to capture it on film. The clip was shared on LinkedIn with the title, “A never-seen-before phenomenon (cloud avalanche) in Nepal, on the eastern wall of the Everest mountain range. Filmed by a group of mountaineers purely by chance. The rainbow on the river enhances the beauty and wonder.”

Many viewers praised the video for its stunning imagery, with some commenting on the natural world’s magnificence and the incredible power of nature. Others provided scientific explanations for the event.

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