ChatGPT’s growing popularity is giving a hard time to the educators. The AI tool, which is developed by OpenAI, has now been banned by a Bengaluru-based RV University. The report comes days after the AI tool was banned by the New York education system. The university has banned the tool inside the campus to stop students from using it during exams, lab tests and assignments. The university will sometimes check on students unexpectedly and if the teachers are suspicious that the work submitted is not original, the student will have to do the work again by themselves.

As per a Hindustan Times report, the university has not only banned ChatGPT, it has also banned other AI-based tools such as GitHub Co-pilot and Black Box. “We have issued an advisory to all departments in the university and banned a few AI tools like ChatGPT as students might use them in exams or to complete their assignments. The ban is already implemented,” an official told Hindustan Times.

Previously, New York City schools had banned ChatGPT across all devices and networks in New York’s public schools. A department spokesperson said the decision stems from “concerns about negative impacts on student learning, and concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of contents”.

The advent of AI tools like ChatGPT could lead to a lack of critical thinking and creativity among students. Such tools could also devalue the hard work of students who have earned their grades through honest means. 

Not only is the AI tool hazardous for young learners, it has instilled fear among professionals like writers, engineers and coders as ChatGPT can write effortlessly and can code in blink of an eye. It has also managed to scare Google with its cutting edge technology and conversational abilities. What separates ChatGPT from other AI tools is that, it can reply to follow-up questions. It can also be used for creating conversational AI applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants. Moreover, the AI tool can also be fine tuned to perform specific tasks and it can work with large amount of data. It can also be used to translate text from one language to another and can be used to generate text in multiple languages.

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