We all start our day with breakfast so breakfast should always be good and tasty. If you are bored of having the same breakfast every day, then South Indian food can be a better option for you. South India is known for its wide variety of breakfasts, as you get a lot of vegetarian options as well. So, today we will tell you about such South Indian breakfast which you can make without any hesitation for breakfast.

Try these 5 easy South Indian breakfast 


Upma is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in India. Upma made with urad dal, semolina, vegetables and curd is scrumptious and also diet friendly.

Rava Idli

Soft and fluffy idlis are enough to please us any time of the day, it is best served for breakfast. This quick semolina idli can be served with any type of sambar or chutney.

Rava Dosa

It is very easy to make it. This Instant Rava Dosa is the perfect way to start the day. All you need is 30 minutes and some simple ingredients like semolina, maida, cumin seeds, mix them all in advance and keep them ready. Try this delicious recipe today.

Oats Uttapam

You can give a high-protein twist to uttapam. It is always said that you should include more protein in your breakfast, as it helps to keep you satiated throughout the day and prevents overeating. This unique uttapam recipe is made with a batter of oats, semolina and curd. You can put vegetables of your choice on top of it. Tomato, capsicum and onion have been used in this recipe.

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