Relationships are an essential part of life. They provide us with companionship, support, and emotional connection. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, family relationship, or friendship, a healthy relationship can bring out the best in us and help us to grow as individuals. However, it is not always rainbows and sunshine. Even the sturdiest of long-term relationships go through tough times to pass the test of the Universe, and it is in those bad times that couples often question, “Will my relationship last?” It is not easy because relationships are complex and require immense effort from both partners for them to last. Although it is impossible to predict the future of a relationship, there are some positive signs your relationship will last and stand the test of time.

If you, too, are going through a phase of doubt or disagreements, worry not. Take a deep breath and look at these definitive signs that indicate your relationship can last forever if nurtured well. Read on!

22 Clearest Signs Your Relationship Will Last Despite Rough Patches

Read on to learn the signs you may be ignoring to stop worrying about how to know if your relationship will last. These signs are all you need to keep your relationship strong and be reassured that you can have a happy ever after with your partner!

1. Mutual Respect Is High

Mutual respect is the most non-negotiable element of any successful romantic relationship. Whether you recently got committed or have been together for a long time, respect for your partner – despite the fights, disagreements, and rough patches – is one of the surest signs your relationship will last.

2. You Communicate Openly

Another one of the clearest signs your relationship will last is when you feel you can communicate with each other without the fear of being judged. You simply approach your partner with whatever is on your mind or something that is bothering you, and you never have to think twice before speaking your mind. The confidence that you can bare your soul in front of your partner but still not feel inferior is one of the most promising signs of a long-lasting and happy relationship and a healthy partnership.

3. You Are Both Active Listeners

When it comes to communication, talking your heart out is only one aspect. The other crucial aspect of a healthy partnership is listening – which often people forget about. However, when you truly listen to your partner and understand whatever point they are trying to explain, then only a relationship blooms. And once both of you practice active listening – listening without the intent to respond – your bond reaches another level of passion. So if you are both taking time to actively listen to each other, it is another sign your relationship will last.

4. They Prioritize You

How often have you noticed that whenever something good (or bad) happens, the first person you want to tell the news to is your partner? Does your partner do the same? When you share a genuine and healthy partnership with each other, your partner automatically becomes your priority, a go-to person with whom you can share your thoughts, joys, and sorrows. Moreover, when there is no awkwardness between you two and you honestly enjoy sharing things with each, it indicates that you prioritize each other and your relationship.  it is a sign your relationship will last.

5. You Make Sure to Spend Quality Time Together

When you share a loving relationship, the urge to spend time with each, talk, or go on dates is natural. At times, due to hectic schedules and mundane routines, it becomes challenging to meet frequently or keep in frequent contact. However, apart from sharing things with each other, making a point to make time so that you can spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s presence is yet another significant sign your relationship will last.

6. You Have a “Never Give Up” Rule

Being in a relationship is not only limited to good and happy days. When you stick by your partner despite the rough patches, bad periods of time, and downs of life, and urge them to not give up and keep fighting – it is then a definitive sign your relationship will last. Moreover, it is not only about giving up on the relationship but also on each other. So, if it feels natural for you to look up to your partner in times of despair, and if they return the same gesture, you both are meant to be together.

7. You Both Love Each Other Despite Your Flaws

Having flaws is what makes us human. To think (or have a perception) that your partner should be perfect and devoid of flaws or pressurizing them to become flawless is a major red flag. On the contrary, embracing those flaws is the first step to accepting yourself as well as the other person, especially when you are in a relationship with them. Moreover, when you both work on improving each other together – without making your partner feel inferior – it is a clear sign your relationship will last forever.

8. You Never Shy Away from Complimenting Each Other

Often when two people get into a committed relationship, they forget the efforts and compliments that initially brought them close. This probably is one of the major reasons that couples start to drift away. On the other hand, when you keep that early dating spark alive by frequently flirting, appreciating, and complimenting each other, it works as a subtle assurance that you still are madly in love with each other. This small yet significant gesture not only strengthens your bond but is also a big sign your relationship will last.

9. You Are Each Other’s Biggest Cheerleaders

Supporting your partner is paramount in any strong relationship even when the entire world is against them. In other words, being each others’ biggest cheerleaders is yet another modest yet key sign your relationship will last forever. This is so because you and your partner are not only couples but also best friends, and a best friend’s primary job is to hype their friend up in whatever they do – even if they do not fully understand their goals!

10. You Leave No Room for Irrational Jealousy

A little bit of jealousy is healthy in any relationship as it is indicative of the love and possessiveness of your partner. Contrastingly, irrational jealousy is a red flag that stems from insecurity, dominance, or the urge to control. The foremost point is to notice this fine line in your partner because in a happy, long-lasting relationship there is absolutely no room for unreasonable jealousy. Teasing your significant other or twitching your nose mockingly when they are around opposite genders is considered playful. However, when you assure your partner that they are the only one for you, talk it out or resolve any insecurities they may have because of a particular action or behavior – is a true sign your relationship will last.

11. You Both Never Think Twice Before Asking for Help

When you are in a successful relationship with your partner, you never have to think twice before asking them for help – however silly or ridiculous a problem may be – because you know in your heart that they will help you sort the issue. This confidence and comfort to simply seek out your partner’s help without overthinking, feeling shy, or fearing judgment is what makes a relationship strong and is yet another subtle sign your relationship will last.

12. You Both Enjoy the Physical Intimacy You Share

Another considerable sign your relationship will last is how much you enjoy getting intimate with your partner. When a couple is head over heels in love with each other, they desire each other physically, emotionally, and mentally. Moreover, you crave the presence, touch, and closeness, and wish to explore each other’s erogenous spots while relishing every moment spent together in their arms. This carnal desire and blooming romance – despite how long you have been together – indicates how intense your bond is and how long-lasting your relationship will be!

13. You Both Put in Equal Effort

A mutual effort is one such gesture that advocates for itself in all healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationships. No matter where your relationship stands, the moment you stop putting in equal effort, your relationship is bound to doom. On the contrary, when you put in equal effort and appreciate your partner for the same – without feeling burdened or pressured into doing so – it is a sign your relationship will last and will come out victorious of all hardships.

14. You Don’t Hesitate to Apologize If You Are Wrong

Apologizing whenever you are in the wrong is a key quality for maintaining a successful relationship. It shows that you care enough to take responsibility for your mistakes and try to make things right. It also shows that you are willing to put in the effort to maintain and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Apologies can be hard, but they can also be a sign that your relationship will last if both partners are willing to work on it – without making the other person feel small or using their mistakes against them in every disagreement.

15. You Are Honest with Each Other

Honest is the best policy is an age-old saying which often reflects on the core bonds of all types of relationships – be it romantic or friendship. No, we are not saying to tell your partner every single detail about your day-to-day routine or life (it is good if you do so). However, do not let your partner feel left out or in the dark when it comes to you. For example, if you agreed to go out with your partner earlier in the day. But due to your hectic work schedule, you feel heavy and tired by evening. Now, do not try to come up with excuses or force yourself to go out with them and feel miserable the entire time (which can also lead to a fight for lack of communication). Instead, why not be upfront with your partner, tell them how you actually feel, and reschedule your outing to the next date? This small yet significant gesture of an honest conversation will not only make them understand your point of view but will also enhance respect, empathy, and compassion for you in their eyes.

16. You Are a Team Even in a Bad Situation

Committed relationships are not always easy, but the secret to making them last is by working together as a team. When you and your partner can come together during difficult times and work through problems, it is a sign your relationship will last and stand the test of time. Even in tough situations, when communication may be strained or emotions are running high, you can find ways to come together and make decisions as a team it shows that you have each other’s best interests at heart. This kind of commitment builds trust and understanding between partners, which is essential for any successful long-term relationship.

17. You Share Somewhat Similar Goals with Your Partner

Compatibility plays a crucial role in deciding if your connection is merely a fling or if you have the qualities to be each other’s reliable partner for the long haul. Moreover, once the initial attraction or infatuation begins to fade, the true connection between partners manifests in the form of shared life goals to understand where your lives are headed and how can you make adjustments to take the journey together. While similar future goals become somewhat essential in planning a long-lasting relationship, even a few dissimilar goals can help you grow individually. Overall, having a compatible and shared view of life and complementary life goals is a strong sign your relationship will last and help you evolve into a strong and fulfilled couple. 

18. You Look Out for Each Other

Having a lasting relationship requires more than just love and affection; it also requires looking out for each other and making your partner happy. When you are in a serious relationship with someone, it is essential to make sure that your partner is taken care of and that their needs are met. If you do this consistently for each other without ever feeling overwhelmed, it is a considerable sign your relationship will last despite whatever twists and oddballs life may throw at you!

19. You Never Have to Doubt Each Other’s Loyalty

Another notable sign your relationship will last is that both partners never have to doubt each other’s loyalty. This means that you trust each other completely, and you always have each other’s backs despite the situation, arguments, or ups and downs. You merely know deep in your heart that your partner is there for you and will support you no matter what, and you would be willingly do the same for them. In simple words, when both partners have faith in each other and the sanctity of the relationship, it creates a strong foundation for a lasting relationship and ensures a smooth journey together.

20. You Do Not Keep Each Other in the Dark

Communicating with each other is paramount in understanding what the other person needs and how you can best meet those needs. One of the most crucial aspects of communication is to not keep your partner in the dark. Not only does it remove any lingering doubts, insecurities, or worries about your whereabouts and health, but it also helps build trust between the two of you. Which, in turn, makes for a strong foundation for any lasting relationship. So if you are a couple who does not believe in lies and omissions between the two of you and maintains transparency and honesty, it is likely a sign your relationship will last forever.

21. You Openly Express Your Emotions

One of the primary gestures that all healthy couples share is the ability and space to openly express their emotions – be it about something small like household chores or something big like major life decisions. Moreover, being vulnerable and putting your true inner self in front of your partner is a significant quality that makes your connection genuine and strong. Not only does it show your strength, courage, and trust in each other but also indicates that your relationship will last till death do you part!

22. It Feels Like Home When You Are with Each Other

The most subtle yet pronounced secret of a lasting relationship is all about finding that special person who makes you feel like you are home. Your person should feel like your most favorite and enjoyable place, and not another battle to fight and win. Moreover, when you are with each other, it should be effortless, comforting, and peaceful. You should be able to laugh, cry, and share your hopes and dreams without fear of judgment or rejection. So, if you feel at ease around each other and your relationship feels like home whenever you are together — regardless of what you are doing — it is one of the biggest signs your relationship will last and that you truly are meant for each other!


No matter how loving you are or how strong your bond is with your partner, no relationship can avoid the tests of time. In such phases, it may become challenging to stay positive through the bad days, arguments, and silence. However, these are also the times that determine the course of your relationship. While no one can predict the future, if deep down, you both know there are some clear signs your relationship will last, you can find the motivation to push through and turn it around. From communication and respect to the ability for compromise and commitment,  tell-tale signs indicative of the potential to maintain a long-lasting and successful relationship can help you endure and emerge, stronger as a couple and more deeply in love than ever before.

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