Compliments for men are underrated and not shared or given as generously or frequently as good men deserve. Complimenting guys at the right moment can make them feel good about themselves. Moreover, if you know how to compliment your guy friend or partner well, you can make them feel happy, special, and adored while making a significant difference in their day.

Giving the perfect compliment is an art, but it does not have to be complex. All you have to do is consider giving praise that feels sincere and can be well-received. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of compliments that you can give to men. These are not just for romantic relationships, but for all kinds of connections. Remember, the goal is to make the other person feel better about themselves, and these praises will help with exactly that. Read on!

101+ Best Compliments for Men to Make Them Feel Special

From complimenting his physical attributes to compliments on appearance, there are multiple kinds of compliments to give a man, depending on the connection you share with them. Let us see what you can say to make the men in your life feel cherished and loved. 

Compliments for Men for Their Physical Appearance

  1. Your gorgeous smile reassures me that the best things in life are definitely free.
  2. You have a captivating smile, and I just could not keep quiet without letting you know.
  3. I am absolutely in love with your smile.
  4. You have such optimistic body language that it makes it difficult for anyone to ignore your charisma.
  5. I must say, you really take good care of yourself.
  6. I am in awe of your masculine and well-toned arms.
  7. You are so inviting that I cannot survive being away from you.
  8. If I am being honest, you definitely are a tempting treat to my eyes.
  9. You are so handsome that I cannot resist coming near you when you are around.
  10. Your pleasing looks steal my heart every day.
  11. Do you really look more handsome than every actor or is it just me that thinks so?
  12. You know you have squeaky-clean skin, right?
  13. Your broad and muscular shoulders immediately make me feel safe when I stand by your side.
  14. I cannot resist staring at you and that’s a testament to how good you look.

Compliments for Men on Their Personality

  1. You have a fantastic personality. Before you ask, I say so because you have deeply affected me.
  2. Whenever I look at you, I have this intense realization that I may have scored a super gorgeous man.
  3. My God, your hair is as well-behaved as you are!
  4. You have a personality that can make everyone feel timid.
  5. You honestly motivate me to be healthy and fabulous.
  6. You have the best sense of style that I have seen in a man.
  7. You have such expressive eyes that they keep revealing how much you adore me.
  8. You have impeccable skills to be presentable.
  9. You have a unique style that never falls short of impressing me.
  10. I am completely and honestly in love with your undisputed sense of humor.
  11. Your inviting scent somehow always attracts me to you.
  12. Your approach and style are truly remarkable.

Sensual And Flirty Compliments for Men

  1. I can cover any distance as long as I land straight into your arms and on your bed.
  2. You have no idea what effect you have on me.
  3. Words cannot describe the mesmerizing effect you have on me. And I keep gazing at you because everything just feels so immaculate.
  4. You looked in excellent shape last night.
  5. You may have a heart of gold, but your body is of steel. Damn.
  6. You are so unbelievably sensual.
  7. Do you know you always leave me super confused? Because I do not know if I should keep marveling at your attractiveness or shower you with non-stop kisses!
  8. I am looking forward to more acts of service because the last time was incredible!
  9. I skip a heartbeat each time you look and smile at me.
  10. You make me go weak in my knees.
  11. You have the appeal to make me lose my senses and words.
  12. You are the most magnetic personality I have ever known.
  13. I just realized that when I flirt with you, it automatically promotes awesomeness in my day.

Funny Compliments for Men

  1. You are so lovely that you can efficiently get away with a crime.
  2. You are practically as delectable as a dessert.
  3. Now I know why you are so fit. It’s because you constantly keep sprinting inside my head.
  4. I often deliberate if sarcasm is your intrinsic quality or if you have conquered it with time.
  5. I do idolize your style. I just do not like when other women stare at you.
  6. After food, you probably are my most favored.
  7. Even though you do not dress fancy, you still make me fall head over heels for you every time.
  8. I think you are the one responsible for all the global warming.
  9. You are presumably the only one with whom I can talk about the most random and silliest things in this entire universe!
  10. I am crazy, but you are the only person who corresponds to my craziness levels.
  11. I am as addicted to you as everyone else is to their smartphones.
  12. Hey, thank you for accepting the bizarre me in your life.
  13. The best part about being with you is that you make me look less weird.

Sweet And Cute Compliments for Men

  1. You have the sweetest smile.
  2. Being with you is the best part of my day because your presence makes it memorable.
  3. I am always delighted when I am with you. Have you, by any chance, cast some magic spell on me?
  4. I frequently wonder what took me so long to fall for you.
  5. I am deeply pleased to meet such a kind-hearted person.
  6. You often fascinate me!
  7. I now understand how easy it is for you to win over everyone because you mysteriously enchant people.
  8. You are immensely huggable!
  9. You smile once, and I lose my focus. So, no more smiling around me!
  10. I always feel the safest when you are around me.
  11. You are unbelievably adorable.
  12. I loved your goofy moves on the dance floor yesterday.
  13. You are my biggest strength but also my biggest weakness and I never want to lose you!

Romantic Compliments for Men

  1. Whenever you hold my hand in front of others, I blush a little too much.
  2. Spending time with you is the highlight of any day because that is how special you are to me.
  3. I fall in love with you a little bit more every time I look at you.
  4. I always love (and want more of) the surprise kisses you plant on my forehead.
  5. You are the kind of guy I always dreamt of having a family with.
  6. When we are together, I cannot stop smiling.
  7. You have the charisma to make even the best of the models feel envious.
  8. I love how your eyes look at me. There is so much love in them!
  9. I can stay in your arms always and forever because they make me feel warm.
  10. I never notice anyone else when you are around because I am busy marveling at you.
  11. When you hold my hand and stand tall beside me, I truly feel like a queen.
  12. You are the ideal specimen of tall, dark, and handsome.
  13. There is something enchanting about you because you make me fall in love with you over and over again.
  14. You somehow always manage to be the most handsome guy I see every single day.

Compliments for Men about Their Work And Achievements

  1. I have always seen you facing challenges with supreme strength and I want to let you know that I am very proud of you.
  2. Even after achieving such great success and reaching the utmost heights of accomplishment, you are so humble. You must truly have a grounded soul.
  3. I honestly believe you have the potential and skills to achieve everything in your life.
  4. You are the strongest and the most hard-working person I have ever met.
  5. You have no idea how much you inspire me every day.
  6. You are one of the most competent and thoughtful people I have ever come across.
  7. You surely know how to impress everyone in a meeting. You are a champ!
  8. I learned the “never give up” attitude from you.
  9. I genuinely respect your intelligence.
  10. Every moment I spend with you makes me learn something valuable and new.
  11. Your humble spirit and grounded nature make you an extraordinary presence in a room full of people.
  12. You really are the most dedicated guy I have known, and I appreciate it.
  13. You are a true example of beauty and brains.

Good Compliments for Men to Send over Text

  1. Even though I do not remember most of my dreams, I know you are always a part big of them.
  2. Your simplicity is one of your biggest strengths.
  3. The plaid shirt you have worn today suits you perfectly.
  4. I saw your awesome pic and you looked incredibly dapper. I wish I could see you in person.
  5. You certainly know how to put a smile on my face, even when I am mad.
  6. I feel so lucky to have you in my life as my boyfriend.
  7. I never imagined loving you and being with you would be so easy. Thank you!
  8. You look hot in every color, but black definitely makes you look the most desirable.
  9. Promise me you will never change because I love the way you are.
  10. You are stunning beyond words.
  11. You have truly been my best blessing from God. I love you, and I wish I could hug you right now.


Giving genuine compliments to men is a simple way to show a guy that you care about him, especially in the 21st century, where people can do with a bit of appreciation to deal with the stress of everyday life. With the above-mentioned list of heartfelt compliments, you can let your guy know how important he is to you and make him feel good about himself. And in case you want to come up with something unique, remember to mention the specific thing you like about them, make eye contact, and smile. Trust us; you will certainly get positive attention from him!

What is your favorite compliment to give a guy? Tell us in the comments section below.

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